The virtues of plants

Plants bring a touch of nature and freshness. They can also have health benefits, especially at the respiratory level.

Many are the benefits of indoor plants. While the heater or air conditioner is drying out air, which can lead to breathing problems or skin irritation, the plant “sweats” and releases water vapor, increasing the humidity level from 2 to 5%, and generally making the atmosphere more pleasant for its occupants. It also emits negative ions, particles supposed to fix dust, improve breathing and well-being. Finally, plants absorb certain pollutants, which further contributes to improving the quality of air in confined spaces. Not to mention that their sight has a relaxing and stressful effect.

The positive effect of the presence of green plants in our interiors has essentially been studied in the context of work. It has been attested by the European campaign “Plants and well-being in the workplace”, conducted in several countries, including France. The researchers verified that cohabiting with plants results in lower blood pressure, reduced muscle tension and improved productivity.  While plants offer a cost-effective way of improving both the satisfaction of employees and employers, their soothing virtues are evident, of course, regardless of the location. In our homes, as in hospitals, where patients say they feel less pain, anxiety and fatigue when they have plants nearby, such as cbd oil products from internationally known company Formulaswiss based in Switzerland.

This seems self-evident: a green plant is ecological! Indeed, without photosynthesis of plants – including algae and phytoplankton from the oceans – it has been a long time that we would lack oxygen on Earth. However, if forests are the “lungs of the planet”, wanting to plant one at home is not necessarily a good idea. Not only do plants hold dust, which is not ideal for breathing, except to clean them regularly and carefully. Worse, such a profusion could increase too much the moisture level of housing and few of us would endure without a clam to live 24 hours a day in a greenhouse. Above all, excess is often the enemy of good.


Plants existence is a must for the well being of the ecosystem and improve the quality of life overall.